My name is Russell Ash. I grew up as a pretty standard Mormon. Played sports. Early morning seminary. EFY in the summers. Eagle Scout. Went on a mission to the state of Georgia—served as district leader, zone leader, and assistant to the president. Returned to BYU. Taught at the Missionary Training Center for a few years. Married in the temple. We have three children. I am now a dentist. I served as ward clerk for many years in 2 different Bishoprics. I also served in many different callings with the young men, including as Young Mens President.

I always had a hunger to know as much as possible about scripture, and about religion in general. This hunger was probably fueled in large part by the many attacks that I saw launched at my faith both as a teenager and as a missionary in the Bible Belt. I felt a strong need to be informed about these issues. Although an amateur, I’ve had a fascination with critical biblical scholarship, Judeo-Christian history, and the development of Jewish and Christian theology. Those who know me will attest that I was an avid defender of the LDS faith. I spent a good deal of time involved in LDS apologetics—including starting a website on which I wrote about some particular topics that I had studied in depth.


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